Face Masks For Kids: All You Need To Know

face masks for kids

When it comes to kids, the World Health Organization (WHO) has put out certain guidelines to the public.

Children who are aged 5 or less are not required to wear masks, even outdoors. Children aged between 5 & 12 are required to wear masks if:

  • There’s been a virus outbreak in the area.
  • The child has no breathing problems.
  • The child knows how to appropriately wear a mask.
  • He/she gets adequate adult supervision.

For children aged 12 & above, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) always recommends wearing face masks whenever out in public.

Is it necessary for a 5-year-old to wear a mask?

Children under 5 or less are generally not required to wear a mask. If the kid is physically close to someone ill, then the situation demands the kid to wear a mask. The guardians also need to keep an eye on the kid.

Do children with developmental disabilities need to wear masks?

Every child should be assessed individually by doctors before drawing any conclusions. Children with disabilities, developmental disorders, and other health conditions are not forced to wear a mask. If the child is suffering from severe cognitive or respiratory problems, then wearing a mask is not compulsory.

What if the child is having a medical condition?

If the child has cancer, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, etc., then he/she needs to wear a medical mask. A medical mask protects the child from transmission. Before putting on a medical mask, it is always recommended to consult a doctor. 

What type of mask should children wear?

Children with no medical conditions and no respiratory problems can wear lightly stitched fabric masks. And in certain circumstances, they can also choose to not wear masks. Kids who have lung problems need to consult a doctor and opt for a medical mask.

Do children need to wear masks at home?

A child showing symptoms of COVID-19 should wear a medical mask at home. He/she should be kept in isolation. Anybody coming within the range of 6 feet of the child should also wear a mask.

How does a child wear a mask?

There are a few basic steps. Before touching the mask, the child should cleanse his/her hands with sanitizer or soap & water. The mask must be of appropriate size covering the nose, mouth & chin. The child should never touch the underside of the mask and keep it inside a bag when not using it.

Can children wear face shields?

Face shields are an effective substitute to face masks. Some children who face difficulty in breathing can wear light masks with a face shield to cover them up. In the case of speeches, face shields can be used instead of masks.

Do children need to wear masks when they are playing?

No, children are not required to wear masks when involved in physical activities like running or jumping. It doesn’t compromise their health.

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