Buying Face Masks Online: All You Need To Know

buying face masks online

The outbreak of Corona Virus since the end of December 2019 enforced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make cloth face masks compulsory for the public to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19.

According to WHO, cloth face masks or N95 masks are no substitute for social distancing. Along with that, there are certain aspects like the fabric of the mask that you would like to consider before making a purchase.

Here are 9 things to keep a check on before buying a face mask online.

9 Things To Check Before Buying a Face Mask Online

Type of Fabric

The type of fabric is the most important factor while choosing a face mask. Some fabrics like Canvas have smaller holes than others making it much difficult for the virus-laden particles to pass through.

Nature of Fabric

Face Masks which are dense and tightly woven offer much better protection against any kind of virus. To buy face masks with high thread count, you can check out LA Mask pros, the best face mask store online out there.

Multiple Layers

To increase the effectiveness of the face masks, it is always recommended to wear multiple layers of fabric. Sometimes, it might be hard to breathe with two or more layers of fabric, but the chances of infiltration decreases.

Bandanas Won’t Help

You might think of using bandanas, scarfs, or pillowcases as a substitute to face masks, but there’s a downside to it. These cloth materials are loosely woven and don’t stop the virus particles to enter.

Knit Materials

It’s true knit material face masks are more comfortable to wear and allow better air circulation. But these masks are designed to stretch making the holes bigger and thus allowing virus particles to get through.

Beware of Filters

Face masks with filters do allow more air to come through, but they might not be effective as compared to masks with no filters. According to, face masks that have filters, valves, or vents allow respiratory droplets to be exhaled which can reach others and spread CoronaVirus. To date, no filtered mask has been sanctioned as ‘safe’ for external usage.

Size of the Mask

A crucial factor to consider is the size of the mask. You need to ensure that the mask sits comfortably on your face and you can breathe properly. The face mask has to cover your nose and mouth leaving no gaps behind.


Apart from all the usual factors, you would also want to look dapper with the mask that you’re wearing. Nobody likes a plain mask especially when you’ll have to wear it all the time when staying outdoors. You can stitch the masks at home with Canvas or any other material, or look for an affordable face mask store online.

Avoid fake Websites

With the spread of COVID-19, many people have started legitimate businesses just selling face masks. But among such businesses, some fraudsters trick customers by misleading them to offer their bank details. Always check the domain name of the website and the payment process before providing any confidential information.

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